About Us.

LALA BELLE is a plus-size fashion label founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2010 by 26-year-old Charina Warne.

Like Google’s mantra is to not be evil, LALA BELLE’S ethos is to not make plus-size clothes that suck. Inspired by Charina’s love of Givenchy and Alexander Wang and her quest to find designer fashion labels that work for her figure, LALA BELLE garments boast tailoring that flatters and materials that support. The idea is not to replicate what’s on the market for straight sizes, but to give plus shoppers something BETTER.

The fact is, when you’re wearing smoking-hot leather pants, or an ah-mazing leather jacket, you don’t need anything else to be the best dressed. Just ask Erin Wasson.

We hope this is the start of a plus revolution for all truly fashionable, youthful, cool women or, you know, anyone who just loves wonderfully comfortable clothes that’ll last a lifetime. Who’s in?

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